2b_perfect's Journal

Nerissa Nightmare
Okay, I'm gonna cut to the chase.
My Name is Nerissa, Some people call me Nissy (childhood nickname! =P)
I'm 16.
I'm 5'6" and I weigh 136lbs (I'm a fat disgusting pig)
I have borderline MPD and bi-polar so I can go from being nice, to being bitchy, to crying all over the place. so bear with me.
I suck at spelling and reading
I'm dumb as fuck.
I have brown hair but, I love to dye it, and its blond with some red and purple now
I'm Emo/Punk/gothic/whatever-you-wanna-call-it.
I can be extremely outgoing and extremely shy too
I'm bi.
I have the most amazing boyfriend ever, he loves me for me.
I'm sarcastic and a bit edgey....yet I can be EXTREMELY EMO!!!
I'm random...VERY random...
I'm trying to recover from Anorexia, But, I'm so scared I'm gonna fail.
And uh...whatelse...
I love music, screamo and emo music mostly.
I hate people.
Its very hard for me to trust people, because I've had allot of problems and pain in my past.
I'm extremely Mad...I have lost my mind years ago! =P
The only reason I'm not suicidal anymore is because my friends and boyfriend love me too much to lose me. I've come to realize I am wanted even when I don't feel it.
I come across as rude and bitchy sometimes but, I have a soft side.
I swear WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much, Fuck is my fave word! (fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!)
and uh...I hate myself. =\ extremely hate myself...fun shit huh?

Anyway...be my friend or i'll kill you in my sleep! *bites yer neck* NOW YOU'RE MINE FOREVER! MAWHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, and I look like this:

Dont tell me you love me,  If you dont mean it.  Because I may do something stupid, Like believe it.

(I'm disgusting =(...)

hehe, lets hope that pic works! =)

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